System Information

What types of computers are available on the CS subnet?

A complete list of CS machines is given in the file ~info/machines. All users may log onto any machine in the file ~info/machines that is listed as general use. Additionally, researchers, instructors, and graduate students may also run jobs on most of the machines designated as r/t (research/teaching) machines, except for a few machines which won’t allow logins because they are dedicated exclusively to particular research projects. (Students are also advised to seek advance permission before logging into machines in Department faculty offices.)

How do I determine which machines are not being used or have the smallest load (and hence the best performance)?

A list of load averages for all lab machines is found on the Status page

One can sort on the columns. By default it is sorted on the load average (ascending order). It refreshes by itself and gets new data every 10 minutes.

What are the naming conventions used on the CS subnet?

Logical groups of similar machines in each lab share a common naming theme. Computers are named after musical composers, mountains , US capital cities, trout-fishing streams, fruits, nuts, vegetables or just about anything you can think of. For a complete list see ~info/machines. Printers are named after musical instruments (e.g., banjo).

Internet addresses ending with are all components of our subnet, for example The suffix can usually be omitted on references local to our subnet.