New Users

How do I get a CS computing account?

The CS department allocates CS Unix accounts to all CS majors.

Are the login credentials the same as my CSU account (RamWeb/Canvas)?

No, please contact us for your CS account information.

If your CSU NetID looks like “c followed by your 9-digit CSU ID” (like c899456789), just remember to use a lowercase “c” when you log in on the Linux machines.

How do I login?

In the labs, you can login on the physical console of the machines using your CS linux credentials. You could also connect via SSH remotely from your laptop. Some some good machines to connect to get started are:


A list of more machines with live resource usage can be found at the Machine Loads page.

How do I login on a course website?

The course website login, called the web-checkin, is controlled by the professor of the class. You will need to contact a GTA or the professor/instructor.

How do I connect via SSH?

Refer to SSH Connection on the Remote Connection page.

I know almost nothing about Linux. Where do I start?

A variety of books have been published on the basics of the Linux or Linux operating systems. These can be obtained from your favorite bookstore. Additionally, some great tutorials can be found by searching google for something like “linux tutorial” or “bash tutorial”.

Where can I find in-depth systems reference materials?

The Linux “man” command provides access to the typical on-line Linux reference manual set on all our systems. More complete reference manual sets for most of our supported operating systems and various other technical books and manuals are available for perusal in the systems offices (rooms 478, 472, and 474).

Supplementary documents for various software packages found in /usr/local are often embedded in the source trees for the given software package. For instance, /s/bach/i/src/emacs contains supplementary documents for emacs.

How can I get help?

If you are having trouble understanding how to use the systems, there is a lab-op available to help in each of the first floor labs.

If your troubles are due to hardware or software failures in the systems or network, you should file a trouble report at . The program will prompt you for all the information required by the systems folks to solve the problem. If things are so messed up that you cannot log in or get a browser up, report the problem to a lab-op or locate a system administrator as described below.

Where can I find how-to videos?

Check out the Infospaces website.

How can I locate a system/network administrator?

The systems people are located on the fourth floor of the Computer Science Building, on the south side, in rooms 478, 472, and 474. You can also reach them by e-mailing (preferred) Please do not drop SNA from the email thread when you are communicating with us. Faculty may obtain the administrators' home phone numbers from the file ~info/emergency.

What are the systems' and network’s hours of operation?

Generally, we try to keep all systems up all the time. There is no regularly scheduled down time. However, sometimes we need to take systems or even the entire network down for maintenance. We try to schedule this at non- disruptive times. Down times are announced via email to your CSU address.

What are the Computer Science laboratories hours of operation?

The lab in room 120 is available 24-hours a day and can be accessed by computer science majors with a valid student id card. Hours are posted posted at the front of the other labs. Remote facilities are available at all times outside of scheduled maintenance.