How do I print?

All printers are available via the system V command set (lp, lpstat, etc).

To print a file, type:


If you are printing a large file and it is not world readable, you may have to type this:


The -c option allows lp to make a copy of the file.

What printers are available?
washboard HP LaserJet 4515x 1st - 110 yes
banjo HP LaserJet 4515x 1st - 120 yes
tuba HP LaserJet 4515x 1st - 120 yes
ukulele HP LaserJet 4515x 2nd - reception yes
cajon HP LaserJet P2035n offline no
copier (restricted) 2nd - 211 yes
kazoo HP LaserJet 4515x 2nd - 250 yes
rabaab HP LaserJet 4515x 2nd - 250 yes
fiddle HP LaserJet M602x 3rd - 350 yes
guitar HP Color LsrJet M553dn 3rd - 350 yes
istec-377 HP LaserJet CM2320fxi 3rd - 377 no
conch HP LaserJet 4515x 4th - 450 yes
mandolin HP LaserJet 4515x 4th - 470 yes
dobro HP Color LsrJet M553dn 4th - 450 yes

May I print as much output as I like?

No. Printer paper, toner, and maintenance represent a substantial expense to the CS Department. So far we have managed to keep this expense within bounds through voluntary conservation. There will continue to be no hard limits on printing as long as people continue not to abuse the privilege. Here are some suggestions to minimize wasted paper:

Use the -h (no header page) option on lpr.
Use the enscript or mp commands to list multiple pages per printed page.
Do not print large voluminous manuals. Large on-line manuals should be perused on-line. Users who print exceptionally large volumes of output will be asked to pay the costs of the printing.
Try not to print something unless you REALLY need a hard-copy.
Do not use the printers as copy machines.

The soft limits for undergraduates are 35 pages per print job and 75 pages per week. These are limits of excess, not allocations. You should try to keep your printing well below these limits.

CS Department printers are for bona fide department-related work only.

How do I print a Linux man (manual) page?

Use the following command:


How do I cancel my print job?

To cancel you print job, you need to check the job’s status in order to get the job number.

To check on the status of your print job, type


You will get output that looks something like this:

lpstat banjo
banjo-195              root               367   Apr 06 08:27 on banjo

To cancel your job, type cancel JOB. To cancel the job above, one would type:

cancel banjo-195
request "banjo-195" cancelled

How do I print single-sided output?

By default, double-sided (duplex) printers use both sides of the paper. Since single-sided printing doubles our paper costs, it should only be selected when absolutely necessary. Single-sided printing may be selected as described below.

On Linux, use the -o sides=one-sided option with the lpr command. For instance:

lpr -Pbanjo -o sides=one-sided myfile

On Windows, go into the “Properties/Advanced/Printing Defaults” menu and select “Flip on Short Edge” or “Flip on Long Edge.”

How do I set my default printer on Linux?

Setting the default printer is done as follows:

lpoptions -d <printer_name>